Chapter 1
Introduction to Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism (1) Barry Braun and Benjamin F. Miller
Energy-Yielding Nutrients Chapter (2) Utilization of Carbohydrates in Energy Production (25) J. Andrew Doyle, Charilaos Papadopoulos, and Michael S. Green
Chapter 3
Utilization of Fats in Energy Production (47) Serge P. von Duvillard, Jena Hamra, G. William Lyerly, Jonathan A. Moore, and J. Larry Durstine
Chapter 4
Utilization of Proteins in Energy Metabolism (63) Mauro G. Di Pasquale
Estimation of Energy Requirements Chapter (5) Laboratory Methods for Determining Energy Expenditure of Athletes (127) Robert G. McMurray and Kristin S. Ondrak
Chapter 6
Field Assessment of Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure among Athletes (159) Kelley K. Pettee, Catrine Tudor-Locke, and Barbara E. Ainsworth
Physiological Aspects of Energy Metabolism
Chapter 7
Influence of Dietary Fiber on Body Weight Regulation (193) Daniel D. Gallaher
Chapter 8
Nutritional Implications of Sex and Age Differences in Energy Metabolism (209) A.C. Maher and Mark A. Tarnopolsky
Chapter 9
Body Weight Regulation and Energy Needs (241) Melinda M. Manore and Janice L. Thompson

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