Pemilihan Makanan Jajanan


School age children have a habit to eat snack. The less nutritious food that doesn’t meet health requirements will treaten student health. Fourty five percent of school age children’s snack consist of hazzardeous cemical things. A survey done in some elementary schools in Kartasura district of Sukoharjo Regency in 2007 showed that 52 ,7 % elementary school student has lack of nutrition knowledge. The objective of this study is to know the correlation of Knowledge and Attitude of Snack Choice with the children behaviour in choosing Food in Al Kautsar Muhammadiyah elementary School in Gumpang Kartasura This is an observasional with cross sectional research. The population in this research is 108 of all students of grade IV and V of Al Kautsar Muhammadiyah elementary School in Gumpang Kartasura. The sample of this reseach consists of 58 student of the same class and the same school based on inclusive and exclusive with rank spearman correlation test. From the result of this research is known that 96 % of the elementary school students have good knowledge about snack and 60,3 % have supportive knowledge. About the behavior of elementary school students in choosing snack, 43,1 % have good behavior whereas 56,9 % have not good behavior. Based on Rank spearman correlation analysis, it is known that there is no correlation between students knowledge about choosing snack with students behavior in choosing snack with p = 0.185, and there no correlation between students attitude in choosing snack with student behavior in choosing snack with p = 0.460.

Keyword: knowledge, attitude, behavior, elementary school students, snack



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